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Before I get all the love(which I want so badly)

Yeah i heard you the first time and now it's time to respond. Here is the ladies section strictly for you. I sat my fast moving self down and decided that now was the that I did something for you. But before you go and show me love I have to shout some peoples page that with out them going and build their pages so perfectly minds would be garbage. First of all i like to shout out the host of DACATTDADDY's homepage cause that is like one of the best and hottest sites for photos on the internet today. Also I would like to shout out C productions site who has put me on to a few hot sites and even gave me props on my own site. Thanks ya for have having such hot sites. Ladies If you ain't satisfied with my site (which I hope you would write me and tell me what ya want so I can get it) you can go and visit their sites in my list of links and got the whatever you didn't get here. I-ight much love thanks ya, Ray Diamond aka ScOoByDU

me first! Since Tyson seems to be the man I decide to put a little more of him via DACATTDADDY /04/14/99 GOT TO GIVE A SHOUT TO MY GIRL PAM WHO HELP ME OUT WITH THE PICKING OF THE PICTURES