A lil about that guy Scoobydu:
   Well to begin my name is Ray Diamond and I am 19 years old.  I am from
brooklyn, but live upstate now. As of my birthday  August 23rd, 
I am a student at SUNY DELHI  
I like to dance, eat, skate and act silly.   I have siblings but don't know the exact count.  
My favorite music is hip hop and rap, these are
the ones I enjoy but don't mind listening to others especially reggae.  Here are
some of my other favorites.  

Favorite artist: Notorious BIG (rip BiG), JAY-Z, and a whole list of others who should appear in my picture section
Fav female: artist: Da Brat
Fav group: Wu-tang (no doubt) 
Fav DJ:  Funkmaster Flex (although there are others)
Fav radio station: HOT 97 (Other just don't compare)
Fav radio personality: Angie Martinez (she makes sure everything remains)

My Hot List of Links

Yahoo: you know the deal
Hip Hop Archive: you need lyrics this is the place to go
C productions: dope pictures of all the famous black women(worth checkin out)
Pimpdaddy homepage: A dope place to get snaps from
Nia Long Site: and I ain't gotta say no more
Dj Juice homepage(from NyC):
TYRA BANKS: One of the best tyra banks homepages
ScOoByDu's Chat: MY Chatroom
MY GUESTBOOK: while you are here please sign my guestbook I AIN'T ASKING AGAIN!
Funkmaster Flex homepage : This is one of my favorite DJ's homepage worth checkin out
CANIBUS: ya know the name and would be stupid not to check the page
ScOoBy's First homepage: This is where I started at and now look!
Beautiful Black women online: Dope homepage (GO HERE NOW)
Hotmail : this is where my email is (get your free email here)
THA Krib: one the best hip hop page i've seen in a while
Strictlly for the ladies: This is what ya wanted so I'm giving it to u via DACATTDADDY
THE HIP HOP CONNECTION: if you don't know we to go or what mixtape to buy try here!!
BEATSTREET: this also another site for tapes and what not
BADBOY ENTERTAINMENT OFFICIAL SITE: home of those such as BIG(rip)Faith,Total,112, and others...
SEGA SAGES: #1 Spot on game Codes for anything
Soul : although outdated this is where I get all my mixtapes when I am home
# 13 Pretty Boy Rho's Homepage: My Frat Brother Kev's Site
Soul Train's Homepage: Yes even Soul Train has a site
# 1 Rho Hugga's site: it Huggalicious
# 12 Sir Lord Chef Page (bighammer12): Frat brother Roy's page
Hip Hop Archive : Another place to go for Hip Hop and Rap Lyrics
101 black Countdown : Where to go for R & B lyrics

141 Turtle St.
Syracuse, Ny 13208

United States

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Tell Me Do U Wanna
Lonely Daze
Ginuwine 4 ur Mind
Only When Ur Lonely
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Tell Me Do U Wanna
Only When Ur Lonely
I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry
When Doves Cry

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